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Toxic Red Sludge Rips Through Eastern Europe

It was early on the morning of Earth Day this year when pundits apologizing for corporate ambitions wondered if there was any point in observing Earth Day any more. Weren’t problems with pollution a thing of the past?

Then the Deepwater Horizon exploded. That should have laid that argument to rest, but no, corporate PR keeps on insisting that it was just an isolated incident, that the industrial economy of the world is safe, safe, safe.

In an echo of the devastation brought by the offshore drilling oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, the Earth is now seeing a river of red in Hungary, where something like 700,000 cubic meters of toxic material leaked from a metals processing factory into the Marcal River.

That river flows into the Danube, and so tonight there are fears that the crisis may soon spread into Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and the Ukraine.

No, the problem of pollution is not gone.

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