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Fundamental Questions Answered By Spitzer Scientists

Why is the sky blue? Where is the center of the universe? What will happen to Earth after the Sun dies? Can a galaxy die?

Lots of interesting questions that kids love to ask are answered, with clarity but some scientific depth, by the scientists of the Spitzer Space Telescope on the YouTube show Ask An Astronomer. Adults who are still seeking the answers to these questions may want to have a look too.

One thought on “Fundamental Questions Answered By Spitzer Scientists”

  1. Andrew Hickey says:

    I have been following a guy that goes by the name astrolpatriot. He says he has found a binary star in our solar system and it is approaching us. He says it will eclipse Mars and rain down debris between September-December 2011. He says that comet Elenin is either a cover or possibly one of the satellites orbiting this binary star. Is this true? Are we headed for dark times?

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