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Obama Administration Censored Truth About Gulf Oil Spill

President Barack Obama is urging liberals to put aside their disappointment with the Democratic Party’s record in Congress and the Executive Branch. Never mind that the Democrats have kept many of George W. Bush’s policies that they promised they’d undo, says Obama. Liberals “need to buck up” and support the Democrats in this year’s congressional elections anyway.

We should remember what President Obama has accomplished, the Democratic Party tells us, even if the media hasn’t spent a lot of time telling the story of those accomplishments. One item in that category of unsung accomplishments of the Obama Administration was revealed today: The Obama White House censored information about how bad the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was earlier this year, refusing to allow the public to know how much oil was really in the water. Even scientists weren’t given the information.

That just proves the point that while Barack Obama hasn’t kept most of his campaign promises, he has been out there, working hard on the most important things, like keeping the oil industry from looking bad. So, liberals should “buck up” and… what, continue to pretend that the Democrats haven’t come to embody the rotten, corrupt, right-leaning, corporate politics that we campaign against for years when it took place under George W. Bush?

One thought on “Obama Administration Censored Truth About Gulf Oil Spill”

  1. Tom says:

    When is Obama gonna wear his BP jacket to a press conference?

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