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Spread the Word: Tell us About Your Protest!

Ross the Keystone State activist writes in today to let us know about two upcoming protests:

1. On Thursday, October 14 from 4:30-6:00 pm at the intersection of 9th and Hamilton in Allentown, PA there will be an Anti-Fracking protest to protect Pennsylvania’s already-threatened groundwater:

Join Food & Water Watch, Clean Water Action and Gas Truth in the fight to save our drinking water for millions in the Delaware River Basin.

The gas industry is in a rush to drill for gas using hydro-fracking, which can contaminate drinking water and harm agriculture and livestock. The Environmental Protection Agency is finally doing some testing, but findings won’t be released until 2012. We need a moratorium until it can be proven that fracking is safe.

2. On Saturday, October 16 at Noon in Philadelphia PA, meet at City Hall and march to Independence Hall in an anti-war protest organized by Philly Against War, a protest PAW ties to environmental concerns:

The continuation of US wars abroad is a threat to the very existence of humanity. Our thirst for oil and natural resources means wars and occupations for the purpose of controlling these resources. Our continued dependence on fossil fuels, at the expense of safe, renewable, alternatives, means that global climate changes will devastate populations and ecosystems.

Ross has got the right idea: when the paid media ignore social activism except for the sort organized by their own (hello, Glenn and Jon and Stephen), we have to spread the word as much as we can by ourselves, and when we get word we need to pass it along.

Help keep the tradition of protest alive in America… if you know of an upcoming protest, let us know here. We’ll send out word, add it to our activist calendar, and make the news available to readers in other ways that we might not have even thought of yet.

Let us know! Spread the word! Pass it on!

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