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Tea Parties, Term Limits And The Bible

Recently seen at a Tea Party protest:

Where in the Bible do its writers demand term limits?

2 comments to Tea Parties, Term Limits And The Bible

  • Tom

    WHEEEEEE! Yeah, call the people that set themselves apart from us after being “anointed” with a position in the machinery of power to “demand” they change the rules regarding their jobs so that it isn’t in their favor any more – i’m sure they’ll listen (bwah-hah-haaa)! What ever happened to the separation of church and state? What, they get a tax exempt status AND a seat at the table? Are these religious groups corporations now? Geez Louise!

  • I actually think term limits are a right wing conspiracy. Here’s why: Sometimes good people who actually have good intentions and care about the average person make it into congress. Some of these people can’t be bought off so easily. If they could be forced out by term limits, that would be a good thing for corporate interests.

    If you really think about it, I think it becomes clear that term limits would actually lead to even more corporate influence on our politics.

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