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City Bans Christmas? The Non-War on Christmas

“City Bans Christmas,” an e-mail blast by the American Family Association informs me. “The War on Christmas has already begun.”

No celebrations of Christmas allowed within the borders of a city here in America? Unthinkable! Indefensible! Why…

…wait a minute. My suspicions regarding this claim were raised when I learned that the city in question is Richmond, Virginia, hardly a hotbed of radical secularism. My suspicions were confirmed when I read a few paragraphs down (not coincidentally past the AFA fundraising pitch) and learned what really happened.

The city of Richmond got a new sponsor for its annual parade. The new sponsor, Dominion Energy, said it would prefer calling it a “Holiday Parade” to be inclusive of all the December holidays. Richmond city officials responded yesterday that they’d really prefer to keep calling it a “Christmas Parade.” Then Dominion Energy said “OK.”

Whoo! Someone hose me down! It’s a scandal! It’s a war!

The sillies.

2 thoughts on “City Bans Christmas? The Non-War on Christmas”

  1. J. Clifford says:

    So, the real headline should be: City Allows Holidays Other Than Christmas!

  2. Tom says:

    Nothing better to do Christians? How about going out and actually HELPING someone? Just look around – there are millions of people homeless now (and that’s just the obvious ones).

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