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Maine Republicans Spout B.S. In Quest for Victory

B.S. stands for Bull Semen.

What news could help Republican candidate for Governor of Maine Paul LePage get it back up? His poll numbers have been falling after he was exposed:

* threatening to punch a reporter,
* declaring, then retracting, then declaring all over again his support for Creationism in public schools,
* insisting on oil drilling off the coast of Maine despite the BP oil disaster,
* swearing at reporters, swearing that he didn’t actually swear at reporters, then swearing that reporters swore at him before retracting it all when video emerged,
* declaring his intention to repeal anti-discrimination laws in the state of Maine,
* reaping praise from a Facebook “fan page” created ostensibly by “volunteers” who actually have been working for the LePage campaign,
* suggesting that Maine public schools should boost their score averages like boarding schools do, by importing kids from Asia.

I know! How about a new Paul LePage quote on bull semen:

The State of Maine is the only state in the United States of America that charges sales tax on bull semen. You hear that? Bull semen. The only place in the United States of America – this state.

What an interesting thing to complain about. Of course, as you should have guessed by now the claim is absolutely untrue.

What’s next, Paul? It should be colorful. We can depend on that.

You know, Paul LePage isn’t the only Republican candidate in Maine spouting the ol’ BS. Take Wendy Pelletier, Republican candidate for Maine House District. She wrote in to her local newspaper last week declaring, “It is of great concern to me that the future of Maine is in jeopardy because of out-of-control state spending.”

Pelletier depends on reader ignorance. The Maine state budget ran a surplus this year with no new taxes, hardly a sign of out-of-control spending.

Some people will say anything to get attention, even if it isn’t true.

One thought on “Maine Republicans Spout B.S. In Quest for Victory”

  1. Tom says:

    Where do they get these rejects?

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