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Lou Dobbs Hired Undocumented Immigrants

When Lou Dobbs worked as an angry right wing television personality at CNN, he ranted against what he described as an immigration crisis in which huge numbers of foreigners were flowing over the border with Mexico. Although the evidence actually showed that border crossings were in decline and that the number of illegal immigrants in the United States was lower than it had been in years, Dobbs said that the United States was being invaded by immigrants, and was on the verge of destruction. Dobbs laid particular blame at the feet of employers who hire immigrants in the country without legal documentation.

CNN paid him 6 million dollars a year, but when it came to the hobby horse farm that Lou Dobbs set up for his daughter, he pinched pennies. Dobbs didn’t want to lose any more of his precious multimillion dollar fortune than necessary, so he paid a company to find him workers who wouldn’t ask for high wages. That company found undocumented workers who could be paid below the market rate for legally documented workers.

Lou Dobbs went ahead and hired the illegal immigrants so that his daughter could prance on her ponies for cheap. Read an account of the Alternet investigation. “I looked after Dobbs’s horses while I was illegal,” says one of the workers Alternet talked to.

Now Lou Dobbs says that he might be running for President in 2012, and he’s giving speeches at Tea Party events to whip up support. Would I support Lou Dobbs for President? Sure. I’ve even made this bumper sticker to rally around the campaign… of Lou Dobbs for President of the National Hypocrite Society.

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