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Old Obama and Anti-Republican Bumper Stickers Surged Back in September

We’re not rich or covertly backed by a conservative slush fund, so to help keep Irregular Times going we sell liberal and progressive bumper stickers. Back in March of this year, most of our best-selling stickers were centered around a particular policy theme, most often health care or the environment. But fast forward six months to September 2010 and it’s a different story. The following were our most-sold bumper stickers last month:

1. I Support President Obama bumper sticker
2. Barack Obama Speaks for Me bumper sticker
3. Don’t Call Them Conservative: Republicans are Radical
4. Oval Obama campaign sticker
5. Don’t you fall into their trap; Republicans are full of crap
6. O: The President bumper sticker
7. No Creationism in Public Schools; No to Paul LePage in Maine
8. Democrat: Liberty and Justice for All bumper sticker
9. Friends Don’t Let Friends Vote Republican bumper sticker
10. Red Slash Through GOP Anti-Republican bumper sticker

Is this an obedient reaction by rank-and-file Democrats who listened to Joe Biden and Barack Obama’s call for them to “buck up” and “stop whining”? Is it a spirited reaction to Obama taking to the road and answering critical questions in public? Or is this shift due to people independently reaching the horrified realization that the Republicans are very close to regaining control of Congress?

15 thoughts on “Old Obama and Anti-Republican Bumper Stickers Surged Back in September”

  1. J. Clifford says:

    Or, is it Democrats retreating to politicians after being disappointed on the policies that matter to them?

  2. Tom says:

    How about these pithy lines: Vote for whomever you want – nothing changes for the better anyway.

    The ownership class has it all locked up and the election is just a show.

    What if they had an election and nobody voted?

    Obama: The Democrat that’s as Republican as Bush, jr.

    What does it matter, do you think these elected people work for you and I?

    1. Jim says:

      Again you think dichotomously, Tom. Perhaps if you think in terms of parties that’s so, but your slogan refers to people, and I don’t buy that for a second. Is there not ONE person out of the 535 members of Congress who you think has worked to make matters better? Can you not name ONE? And can you not name ONE thing that has changed for the better?

  3. Tom says:

    There are other ways to bumper sticker the deal:

    Which corporation are YOU voting for?

    Who’s funding your choice?

    Elect who you want, the corporate sector needs more shills.

    Don’t think it can get any worse? Vote!

  4. Tom says:

    The chart showing jobs changes would make a nice bumper sticker if you’re still an Obama fan.

    1. Jim says:

      Try to comment on your links rather than just posting them. That piece by Yvette Carnell is the biggest piece of tripe I’ve read all week. For her, there is nothing but either complete adherence to her agenda or complete capitulation to corporate Republicanism. I can see why you like what she has to write. It excuses inaction — and did you notice that she actually is advocating inaction? The truth is much more complicated. There are rotten, bad, limp, mediocre, acceptable, admirable and stellar representatives in government today — just as there are rotten, bad, limp, mediocre, acceptable, admirable and stellar people in the world today. As long as there’s variation and as long as there are good people and causes to support, there’s something worth struggling for.

  5. Tom says:

    Jim: i’m just putting this stuff up there so you can see that just because you still believe that the current completely corrupted and corporate backed political process still works, many others are becoming disillusioned and coming to the realization that we don’t matter any longer and, no matter who we vote for, they’ll have to play ball with these corporate shills and nothing of any use to the common person will emerge from it. You can argue for incrementalism all you want, but the truth is we’ve gone down in quality of life despite having elected Obama as champion of the movement for real change in Washington. He’s sold us out to the big healthcare providers, the big banks, and our jobs are still disappearing. What makes you think anything will improve in the next few years when he comes up for election again? At least with the Republitards you know what you’re getting – corporate agenda all the time. The Democruds don’t even have the spine to pass meaningful legislation with complete control of the Congress! They’ve folded or backed down whenever the Repubs start threatening fillibuster when they should have called them on it every time (and thereby been able to use their stalling and negativity against them in this midterm election) or used the reconcilliation process. They SUCK!

    It isn’t me who is doing the inaction you point to – it’s our goddamn mealy mouthing overpaid so-called representatives. My voting has no effect on their behavior and thinking it does has resulted in the Obama administration who can’t even get don’t ask don’t tell done and completely failed on things like Gitmo closing and the wars being ended.

    1. Jim says:

      You didn’t directly answer my question about whether you could identify ONE politician out of the 535 who is doing things right in Congress, but you did say that the process is “completely corrupted.” I think you need to get some new eyeglasses, Tom. Look up the record of Russ Feingold in the Senate and of Bob Filner in the House. They’re not perfect (if you want perfection in people you will be inevitably be disappointed), but they’re damned good in what they do.

      I don’t say the system works perfectly. I just say it works better than sitting on your ass and not doing anything.

      I didn’t say anything about incrementalism, but if you measure progress that progress will be measured in increments, yes. Do you believe that progress should not be measured?

      There are some measures of quality of life for the typical American that have gone down. There are many that have gone up. You seem primarily interested in economic issues; are you aware that over the last generation median income has gone up, even adjusting for inflation?

      Voting in 2008 didn’t lead to the Obama administration not doing anything. The Obama administration led itself down the wrong path after making promises to walk on the right one during the campaign, which means that our votes and our other activism matters going forward; I’m not going to be voting for Obama in the future and I’m looking for alternatives.

      I agree that on the whole, Democrats suck. I suggest you stop focusing on the Democrats as a whole and start looking at the hundreds of elected Democrats in Washington, DC to find those ones whose performance does not suck. Support them. Oppose the rest. Agitate, whether by voting or by other means.

  6. Tom says:

    Oh that’s great 1 senator out of 100 and one representative (not from my state either) out of 435 are doing a good job – and you want to celebrate that!? The democracy you point to is a sham – it doesn’t work, no longer abides by the Constitution, and has bankrupted us (not only economically, but environmentally, morally, and socially also). We’re STILL fighting wars on borrowed money that are only making us more enemies and this DESPITE electing a president who PROMISED to stop them! The glacial pace of the kind of change we NEED is not going to help is in the calamitous future we face.

    i like Alan Grayson too, but he and Feingold may lose the election because of the combined clusterfuck of a democratic party botching their “political mandates”. How do we celebrate that?! It’s the WHOLE that gets the grade of whether or not they succeeded! One or two valiant politicians in a sea of jerks isn’t enough to make things right and since the whole process from our elections with their gerrymandered districts and bogus electronic voting machines, to the electoral college to the system of counting ballots to the Supreme Court deciding who wins – the whole thing is BULLSHIT and too many people know this now! It either has to all be fixed so it works right (one person/one vote – no corporate money/publicly financed elections) so we can trust it again (and what’s the likelihood of that now) or it will continue to get worse until the voting public is faced with either anarchy and/or complete non-participation out of disgust and apathy.

    Remember i campaigned for Obama. So i’m not the one sitting on my ass – WHAT HAS HE DONE TO MAKE ME WANT TO SUPPORT HIM NOW?

    1. Jim says:

      No, I’m not saying there’s only 1/100 in the Senate or 1/435 in the House. I only named those two as examples. Dick Durbin’s another good Senator and Maurice Hinchey’s another good Representative. There are two more examples. I can go on if you’d like.

      Rather than hear that everyone is corrupt (not true), everything is getting worse (not true), and everything is hopeless (based on those two erroneous assumptions), I’d like to know what you suggest ordinary people like ourselves DO. “Fix it all” is not an answer; it’s a desire rather than an action to carry out. What do you suggest ordinary people like ourselves DO?

  7. Tom says:

    Community activities is about all anyone these days can hope to influence. i’ve been asking you guys the same question since Bush jr was anointed “king.” You still believe politics is the best solution though you concede that the political process is corrupted (but maybe not to the extent that i think it is). i don’t think there’s anything anyone can do from a voter standpoint to influence the corporate machine that used to be our government on any level, short of revolution (and i don’t think that’s going to help either – it would only be out of frustration for being left out of the division/distribution of the economic pie). i know you don’t want to hear that everything is getting worse, and it’s not, but nice deck chairs to sit on isn’t helping much when the ship is going down. Not everyone is corrupt in politics, but enough of them (i’d argue that it’s the majority) so that little to no progressive measures get passed to actually help people – they just got finished appropriating billions of “our” collective wealth to keep their gambling casino (Wall Street) in business, even though we’re now playing with scrip and without our consent. Maybe everything isn’t hopeless, but look at the big picture: nothing of significance is being done about climate change that it’s obvious mankind is influencing with our fossil fuel energy dependence and unwillingness to change; the military, Wall Street/big banking, and corporate America are running the show via lobbyists while NO ONE lobbies for us (okay, maybe the ACLU) and we’re out of the loop.

    So besides gardening and helping out locally by volunteering (or organizing) there isn’t much we can do to take the government out of the hands of the corporatists. All third parties are marginalized, so don’t even go there. What would you have people do?

    1. Jim says:

      My answer is long enough to merit a separate post.

  8. Tom says:

    We haven’t even touched on the “rule of law” we used to abide by:

    but it’s not hopeless . . .(just as close to it as you’d care to get).

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