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Anti-Gay Riots In Serbia

Coming Out Day is tomorrow. It’s a day to celebrate the ability of people to be open about their sexual orientation – whatever that may be (even if it’s heterosexual).

Acceptance of homosexual relationships has increased in the United States to a strong extent over the last decade, and so some people may question whether Coming Out Day is actually very important any more. In response, one could note the recent rash of suicides of gay Americans who had been bullied because of their sexuality.

gay bashers in belgradeOne could also take note of what happened at a GLBT rights parade in Belgrade, Serbia today – the first such event that had even been attempted in over ten years. A gang of anti-gay ruffians attacked the parade, and beat the participants, inciting a riot. They threw stones at police and smashed anything they could get their hands on, from car windows to sidewalk kiosks to people.

Highlighting the link between anti-gay activism and right wing extremism, the gay bashers sang nationalist anthems celebrating the ethnic cleansing of the 1990s. I can’t think of a better reminder that, when people are intimidated from expressing their sexual orientation openly, the liberty of all of society, including heterosexuals, is put at risk.

5 thoughts on “Anti-Gay Riots In Serbia”

  1. Tom says:

    Oh, but the ruffians have rights!

  2. Tom says:

    Oh and we’re such paragons of virtue here:

  3. Sam will says:

    GO Serbia! the Serb nationalists should have gone further. but thay still did a prettygood job.

  4. mihilo says:

    In the picture above, well…that is actually a counter protester. He is not a gay parade supporter. Idiot.

  5. Timmyj says:

    Wow, i didn’t evn know this happened until yesterday…people should have a right to express their views. The haters make a climate of fear and hatred that will hurt all Serbians. It’s better they leave gays alone w/o violence. They can counter-protest in peace if they wish to. That is civilized way.

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