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Christine O’Donnell, You Are Not Me

Satire aside, Christine O’Donnell’s “I’m you” campaign commercial deserves a straightforward response. In her advertisement, for which comments are disabled online, O’Donnell doesn’t give any policy details whatsoever, but asserts:

“I’m you.”
“I’ll go to Washington, and I’ll do what you’d do.”

It’s the most presumptuous political commercial I can remember. O’Donnell says that she’s me, but I’m pretty sure that she she’s not. If she is me, then how come I haven’t gotten any share of the campaign funds she’s embezzled? I’m still waiting for my cut.

Also, if Christine O’Donnell is me, then she’s married to my wife. That would mean that she supports same sex marriage, and last time I checked, Christine O’Donnell is against marriage equality.

Would Christine O’Donnell do what I’d do if I went to Washington? I think not. If I went to Washington D.C. to become a senator, I’d:

– Vote to cut military waste.
– Support strong climate legislation
– Defend constitutional rights for everyone
– Fight against tax privileges for the most wealthy
– Demand the closure of Guantanamo and all other prisons being operated by the U.S. government outside of U.S. law
– Introduce legislation to repeal the Patriot Act, FISA Amendments Act and the Military Commissions Act
– Work for the destruction of all nuclear weapons
– Assert equality for all couples in the United States, regardless of sexual orientation
– Conduct oversight to ensure strong enforcement of the Endangered Species Act
– Block the expansion of offshore drilling for oil

Christine O’Donnell wouldn’t do those things. She’d go to Washington D.C. and do exactly the opposite of what I’d do.

It’s easy for Christine O’Donnell to identify with voters when she won’t talk about her actual agenda. Take a look at what O’Donnell actually wants to do in the United States Senate, and it becomes clear that she isn’t really who she’d like us to think that she is.

2 thoughts on “Christine O’Donnell, You Are Not Me”

  1. Tom says:

    In a way she’s being honest – she’d go to Washington and promptly take kickbacks, support corporate policies in a quid pro quo involving additional campaign funds magically appearing in her coffers, and basically become a greedy self-serving asshole just like anyone else in Washington could.

  2. Carol says:

    My question, is when are the TParty candidates like O’Donnell and Whitman who’ve committed obvious cimes? When does investigation take place?

    I see Charlie Rangel going to court. I see others paying their due diligence. And then you have O’Donnell and Whitman who have a defense that stands on nil.
    And worse they flatly deny, and point fingers at others.

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