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10 Tactics for Information Activists: Can You Name #11?

Yesterday, I despaired a bit that old social movement tactics didn’t seem to be working any more. New Media Rights and the Tactical Technology Collective have gotten creative, coming out with a list of 10 tactics for turning information into activism:

1. mobilise people

2. witness and record

3. visualise your message

4. amplify personal stories

5. just add humour

6. manage your contacts

7. use complex data

8. use collective intelligence

9. let people ask the questions

10. investigate and expose

How can these tactics be used in the work you do? And is there a #11 that you would add to this list?

One thought on “10 Tactics for Information Activists: Can You Name #11?”

  1. J. Clifford says:

    This is a really important list. I’m not so sure about letting people ask the questions, though. When people simply wander into questions, things can get very vague and muddled. I’m going to consider that some more… Okay, so the important thing is to be able to distinguish the important questions from the non-important questions, and I guess what’s on my mind is that these solutions that the videos are concretely suggesting take a LOT of time and effort, which suggests that someone professional is doing them, or someone with no other obligations. Can a true grassroots organization sustain all this… um… organization?

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