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They’re Tracking Your Kids in Texas… Are You Next?

Houston area school districts have implanted RFID chips into kids’ ID tags and installed gear around schools and buses to constantly keep track of children’s location.

Get ’em used to it while they’re young and they won’t think twice about it when they’re grown. Where will implanted chip RFID tracking be found next?

9 thoughts on “They’re Tracking Your Kids in Texas… Are You Next?”

  1. J. Clifford says:

    We don’t have RFID chips in Trumansburg yet, but our schools are refusing to allow parents in to work with kids except through extraordinarily strict routines. They’re locking down because of a very small number of problems… in which the previous system actually WORKED! We need to relax this state of hypersecurity – at the local and national level.

  2. Jacob says:

    You will find the chips wither in the right hand or the forehead of all people at some point in the future

    1. J. Clifford says:

      Is that some kind of bizarre Mark of the Beast reference?

  3. Tom says:

    They’ve already got us by our cell phones, credit cards, bank usage, toll road travel, electrical usage, cameras on every corner and bldg. and the vast panopticon of homeland security listening to/recording any and all electronic transmissions. They don’t need them – it’s just that some (connected) people stand to make money from it.

  4. HareTrinity says:

    Personally I would think this is FINE on the condition that they would ONLY be used if the child went missing. Same with adults and with other methods of electronic observation.

    I like the idea of cameras being there, but unless there’s been a serious accident, serious assault or murder in the area then I don’t think they should be accessed.

    Unfortunately no one seems to be raising this as a safety issue.

    1. Truman says:

      What do you like about having cameras around, watching people all the time?

      How can you be sure that a tracking device is used only when a child goes missing?

      1. HareTrinity says:

        As a safety measure.

        It would be hard to make sure that’s all they’re used for, but I think that’s ultimately how it should be and that it’s what we should be aiming for. Maybe a digital lockout on the files so that you need more than 1 person’s password to access them.

        We had a case a year or so ago in England where a cop or security officer (I forget which) used security cameras to stalk his ex, so I’m not unaware that they have a bad side. I just don’t think that’s enough reason to try to get rid of them.

        1. Truman says:

          But then, isn’t the burden of proof on those who are calling for more intrusion into our privacy? My children don’t have electronic tracking devices planted in their backpacks, and they’re doing just fine. There aren’t security cameras on my street, but I’m perfectly safe there at all hours.

        2. Bren says:

          while I respect your ability to hope for the godness in people to shine through, here’s the thing…
          We cannot pass laws out of Fear…. or in a knee-jerk response to a highly emotionally charged situation such as our children and wanting to keep them safe! That is the job of parents — Us!

          Of course, there are going to be horrific things that hapen in the world, but we can NOT prevent them, especially this way…. We can teach our children, use precautionary measures, KNOW them and where they go, what they do and who with!!! We can realize that we dot not do them any favors by trying to be their `friend` and allowing them to grow up so fast and have too much time on their hands and freedom!! We can use strong parenting tools like curfews, chores, talking around the dinner table and dating rules.

          It’s not fool proof but it is proven to be effective and it teaches them respect, personal responsibility and accountability, makes them wise to the dangers in society, yet a level of confidence too!

          But as soon as we hrow up our hands and say, I cannot protect my child – and invite the government to take measures such as this… We might as well give it up! First of all, how is an implanted trackig device going save their life?? Seriously, if is a requirement don’t you think the would-be kidnappers, rapists and pedifiles will know and then just step up their plans and probably kill them… quicker??? How does that help anyone??

          If the government was seriously in the business of Protecting our kids, there wouldn’t be so many of them being jailed for petty offenses, being taken from loving homes to go to foster care on bogus situations and they certainly wouldn’t make you wait 24 hours to report them missing!! And consider this– Why does it need to be mandatory?? It has been several years now that you could elect to have it implanted – so leave the option up to the parents or individual, not force everyone into doing it!

          There is only ONE reason for it —- And to those fools that refuse to see truth and insteast prrot the same old tired sound bytes tne media have ben spouting forever……. When are you going to stop listening to lies and USE YOUR BRAIN??? You can label it whatever you want. Call it conspiracy theory, right wing extremism, racist, paranoid or fanatical— But that will not keep these things from happening, it just keeps people in the dark and unable to protect themselves!! Including you and your own families! Tragic!

          There is sinister plans at te root of all these, it is undeniable– and although it may be “kinda swet” that you are aware of the bad they do, but still think we could make sure tnat it is only used for good… But it is time to make a point of Knowing what`s going on around you, standing up for your rights and what you believe and demanding truth, answers and consequences to those who do harm to people, nations or consire against our principles!!!

          If YOU don’t… Who will!!!???

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          Thanks!! ~ Bren

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