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Carl Paladino Sought Endorsement from Movement that Says if Gay People are Attacked, it’s their Own Fault

We already know that Carl Paladino sought the endorsement of the theocratic extremist Yehuda Levin in his run for Governor of New York State. We already know that as part of the endorsement deal, Carl Paladino read from a script written for him by Yehuda Levin. And we have learned of Yehuda Levin’s declarations that earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis and terrorist attacks are all the fault of the gay people who draw God’s wrath by their mere existence. Carl Paladino sought this man out for an endorsement, which tells you a lot about Carl Paladino.

But wait, there’s more to Yehuda Levin and this endorsement.

Paladino sought Yehuda Levin’s endorsement because he is the founder, head, and driving focus of a group called Jews for Morality. To get the endorsement, Paladino gave a speech in which he declared himself to be allied with the group and its moral standards. These moral standards including blaming gay people for the violent attacks perpetuated against them. If only they would hide themselves, Levin’s organization declares, nobody would stab them. When a Jewish extremist stabbed three participants in a gay pride parade, Jews for Morality defended the attacker as a “young man, a quiet Talmudic scholar, father of five, with no police record, who stated that he acted “in the name of G-D…”. It was the gays’ fault for appearing in public.

Days after a vicious gang torture of two gay men in New York City, Carl Paladino traveled to that same city to seek and obtain the endorsement of a group that declares it to be gays’ fault when people attack them. Think about that. Are those your moral values?

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