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I’m a Witch … I’m You

I am a Witch and I'm You graphic“I’m not a witch… I’m you!”

With those words Republican Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell managed to botch a clumsy defense of herself and at the same time slander whole communities of pagans and Wiccans. O’Donnell’s joint declaration that “I’m not a witch” and that “I’m you” laid bare her thinking: anybody worth speaking to in O’Donnell’s mind is clearly NOT a witch. If you are a witch, then for Christine O’Donnell and her movement you just don’t exist.

But the thing is, you do exist, don’t you? And maybe you are a witch. Maybe you know someone who is a witch. Push back against the insinuation that you and she and all the other witches in America don’t exist or are freakishly different. Put on a bit of Halloween flair to defiantly declare, “I am a witch… I’m you!”

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