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Remembering The Deep History Of Jewish Genocide

Today is a good day for remembering the many and deep acts of genocide that have been committed against the Jewish people. No, I’m not talking about remembering Nazi atrocities of the sort that have been ignored by the likes of Rich Iott.

The Holocaust is important to remember, but the problem of antisemitic hatred and violence goes much farther back. It goes back to the Cordoba Purge of Ferdinand and Isabella. It goes back to the violent coronation of King Richard.

Today is a good day to remember the deep history of violence against Jews because 355 years ago today, over two thousand of the Jews that had been forced to live outside the protective city wall of of Lublin, in present-day Poland, were slaughtered by invading Christian Russians and Ukranians.

The greater massacre of Lublin Jews by Nazis during World War II was an historical echo of the earlier genocide.

One thought on “Remembering The Deep History Of Jewish Genocide”

  1. Tom says:

    i hope the Jews in Israel pay heed to this too so they stop causing so much Palestinian pain. They should know better, but it looks as if they’ve taken this page out of the history books that demonstrates the wrong way to go about living with other ethnic groups.

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