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2 thoughts on “Talk About It: Open Thread”

  1. Htos1 says:

    Global climate change doesn’t cause sea level rise,I believe entropic changes of the planet do.There are numerous areas on the planet of sunken cities,coastal areas,and old harbors and such.Notably along the Mediteranean and Indian oceans,not to mention the Carribean and sea of Japan.Think about it,the core of the earth is cooling,albeit slowly,from the time of the creation of the solar system,that can cause contraction of the earth’s crust,thus reducing shorlines and causing subjunction.It’s arrogance to the extreme to believe we affect the planet that drastically.My work insn’t dependent on public grants so I keep a very open healthy scpeticism on all sides of the argument.Peace.


  2. Tom says:

    Oh right Htos1, all the carbon (millions of tons since the industrial revolution) that used to be sequestered and that we’re rapidly putting back into the atmosphere has no effect. Keep that open mind going there fella, but as long as your head is in the sand it won’t help you “see.”

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