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GOP Joe Miller Sez Turn America Into East Germany, Goes Stasi on Reporter

“If East Germany can do it, we can do it!” — Joe Miller

Yes, Republican candidate for Senate Joe Miller actually spoke those words yesterday, asking his audience in Alaska why America can’t build its own Berlin Wall.

There are two aspects to Joe Miller’s admiration of East Germany and its very special border fence that are worth mentioning. First is the logistical difference: the Berlin Wall secured just a bit more than 87 miles, a short length that allowed the dictatorship of East Germany to install beds of nails, sand traps, barbs and shoot-to-kill guard towers all along its wall. You’ll have to ask Joe Miller whether he wants to follow East Germany’s example and install death traps along the U.S. border, which is a much longer 9,032 miles along the land. Our coastal border adds many more thousands of miles.

Berlin Wall: Photo Credit to Davax

Beyond the whole logistical 87 miles versus 9,032 miles thingamabob, there’s the question of whether the United States really should be holding up East Germany as an exemplar. East Germany put its citizens under constant overt and covert surveillance. It forbade speech that criticized political leadership, hauling away the disobedient. Is that the way we want America to be? That’s the way Joe Miller likes it, having a reporter arrested and dragging him off from a public event in a public place. The crime? Asking questions Joe Miller didn’t like.

Vote Joe Miller to make the United States more like East Germany.

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