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The Tenacity of a Tree

4 comments to The Tenacity of a Tree

  • And yet, our neighbors cut down a great big huge healthy maple tree in their backyard today. A tree’s tenacity can’t stand up to a fossil-fuel-powered chainsaw.

  • Very cool photos. Near the school’s organic garden that I founded, there’s a tree like this…no real trunk, just kind of a spiral of bark that’s half fallen over. It’s probably about 300 years old, near an old farmhouse with a few other beautiful trees.

  • Tom

    There is a tree over 100 ft tall and completely dead just beyond my backyard fence. It would be a big job for anyone to cut down, so occasionally branches fall off in wind, rain and snow storms. Trees have their time, do their environmental thing while looking beautiful throughout the seasons and then pass away one day. The tree i described would probably provide a few years of firewood for someone with a wood stove.

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