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4 thoughts on “U.S. Military Starts Accepting Gay Recruits. Where’s the Disaster?”

  1. J. Clifford says:

    Obama’s willingness to use hatred of gays as a political tool has been exposed. I’d say that’s a disaster.

    Obama’s unwillingness to keep his promises has been exposed as well. Disaster number 2.

    If liberal voters continue to support the Democratic Party that supports this anti-gay bullshit from Obama, that will be disaster number 3.

  2. Bunu says:

    Pentagon DADT is set for review in like two months. The review is set for once there is an R congress so the congress can support the president on affirming DADT.

    Essentially anyone who comes out between now and then is just putting a target on their head.

    Once again, I say that liberals who voted for Obama got a shake down.

  3. Tom says:

    Yeah, Bunu, it was bait and switch in a big way. Many of us aren’t happy with his performance (or lack of it in many cases) but i’d never vote for a Rethuglican again after Bush jr. The vast majority of politicians are complete corporate tools, so our government doesn’t respond to the needs of its HUMAN citizens.

  4. John says:

    Where’s the Disaster? The disaster is that you have never been in the military. You have never seen the horror of war except what you have seen on televeison or in the movies. I belive that if you don’t serve in the military or you opt-out and go to collage instead, you should pay a extra tax each year.If you run for an office that commands the military it should be doubled, That way everyone in America has a share of the burden of protecting our way of life.(not just talking about it) That would also give you the Right to complain, after all you paid for it. I also think that private Collages should pay income Taxes, Rather than over paying themselves.That would be fair right?
    It’s a shame to send men and women to do what you would never do and then talk about them as if they were something other than human. Or worse Pretending to be Human.

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