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Republican Rolling Astroturf Tour Comes to Maine Courtesy of Koch and 60 Plus

In covering the “Spending Revolt” bus tour that drove through the city of Bangor yesterday, Christopher Cousins only told half the story: that this political rally on wheels attracted a meager knot of 25 onlookers. Cousins didn’t tell readers why such the big bus tour could attract media fuss but so hardly any actual people.

Although the “Spending Revolt” bus tour portrays itself as a grassroots uprising of angry everyday folks, it is actually funded by DC Beltway political corporations. One of these corporations, 60 Plus, calls itself a “seniors advocacy group” concerned with spending, but lobbying records show it promoting internet gambling, offshore oil drilling and obscure provisions for telecommunications corporations. 60 Plus calls itself “bipartisan” but independent expenditure data show it spends its millions exclusively to promote Republican Party candidates. The other DC Beltway corporation propping up Spending Revolt is Americans for Prosperity, a creation of billionaire David Koch and his hired underling Richard Fink. Like 60 Plus, Americans for Prosperity is a GOP front group, spending exclusively to promote Republicans in this election cycle. Neither group has been willing to to publicly disclose its donors to the American people. Instead, they’re paying people to roll a bus around the country and play the part of angry everyday folks.

Are we going to allow ourselves to be suckered by these well-heeled partisans? If those well-heeled partisans continue to be obscured in news stories covering their puppet shows, the answer may be yes.

2 thoughts on “Republican Rolling Astroturf Tour Comes to Maine Courtesy of Koch and 60 Plus”

  1. Tom says:

    The whole idea of changing the corporate president in 2012 analyzed here:

    1. Jim Cook says:

      In short, the essay declared that if people are interested in dumping Obama, they need to do it outside of the Democratic Party, outside of paid media, work quickly and be willing to take leadership roles.

      What do you think of that Tom, and what the hell does it have to do with the Spending Revolt?

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