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Slay the Minoc, Merlin Froyd!

Of all the names in the hundreds of races for congressional seats this year, my favorite is Merlin Froyd, Republican candidate running against Howard Berman in California district 28. It’s such an evocative name, isn’t it? When I say “Merlin Froyd,” I think of a nervous acolyte being seized about the collar by a wizard and commanded: “Fetch the Chalice of Destiny and Slay the Minoc, young Merlin Froyd!”

The actual congressional candidate Merlin Froyd is a bit less dramatic than his name, which is odd considering that he’s an actor by profession. Froyd seems eager to say he’ll support good things happening and stands strongly against bad things happening. I wouldn’t vote for him, all in all.

But on one issue, Merlin Froyd really impresses. I’m neither a Republican nor a person of any faith, but when I listened to Republican congressional candidate Merlin Froyd deliver his message on same-sex marriage, I couldn’t help but nod my head. Froyd articulates a Republican faith-based position I can respect in its logic and conclusion, even if I don’t agree with all of its premises. If you’re in the Republican Party and are looking for a path to tolerance, listen to Mister Froyd and consider his way out.

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