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Flag Fun With Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin isn’t shy about promoting herself, taking credit for a lot of things that she had nothing to do with. Now, we can add to that list the American flag.

Apparently, Sarah Palin thinks that she’s Betsy Ross. As she was being interviewed by a British newspaper, The Guardian, she picked up a marker and signed her name on an American flag.

Does Sarah Palin really believe that she can sign ownership of the flag that easily? To claim the flag in that way, Palin ought to at least understand what the flag stands for. Those white stars in the corner, for example – they stand for the 50 states. But does Palin know the 50 states?

One wouldn’t think so, given her odd sense of Appalachian geography. This week, Sarah Palin endorsed Republican John Raese, saying that Pennsylvania needs him in the U.S. Senate. The problem with that, besides that Raese favors dangerously regressive policies: John Raese isn’t running for office in Pennsylvania. He’s running in West Virginia.

One thought on “Flag Fun With Sarah Palin”

  1. Jim Cook says:

    But, see, John Raese can see Pennsylvania from West Virginia.

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