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Breatharian Prahlad Jani Caught with a Refrigerator in his “Cave”


Remember Prahlad Jani, the devout man of India said to live in a cave and claiming neither to have eaten nor to have had anything to drink for 70 years? He’s one of many breatharians who make that sort of claim, and he’s gotten a lot of media attention for it. Why, the newspapers and TV networks went wild this spring when “neurologist” Sudhir Shah declared that Prahlad Jani had passed his scientific tests (that involved frequent “privacy,” “bathing” and “gargling”) and was a certified breatharian. The same newspapers and TV networks have largely ignored Sudhir Shah’s personal devotion to proving his breatharian branch of Jain religion has a scientific basis, and have also ignored Sudhir Shah’s failure to release any empirical data to support this spring’s claims.

However, this week ABC News’ Clarissa Ward bucked the trend and traveled to India for a followup. It turns out that Prahlad Jani’s “cave” is a studio apartment. And guess what turned out to be in that studio apartment? A running refrigerator. Prahlad Jani’s handlers rushed in when the reporter spotted the refrigerator and started asking questions about it. They huffed that she didn’t have permission to see the refrigerator and that she couldn’t open it. They insisted that the refrigerator contained “only water to wash the mouth.”

Maybe it’s a magic refrigerator.

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