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For Congressional Election, Pay Attention To Current Climate Research

This past week, the scientific development most relevant to the 2010 congressional elections is one that you probably didn’t hear of. It’s the Arctic Report Card, a summary of the latest scientific data about the Arctic climate. The 2010 Report Card gives a failing grade to all the Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats in Congress who worked to block effective climate legislation from being passed into law.

A few tidbits from this year’s Arctic Report Card:

– The 2009-2010 winter, which right wing media kept on saying proved that global warming wasn’t for real, though it was the second warmest winter on record, saw the shortest period of snow cover ever measured in the Arctic
– Arctic sea ice is continuing to diminish as the ice cap melts
– The rate of melt in Arctic glaciers continues to accelerate
– Record-breaking high temperatures are being measured in the Arctic
– The changing Arctic climate is leading to more extreme winter weather in the temperate lattitudes of the Northern Hemisphere

Here’s what this news means for the 2010 congressional elections: Right now, just days before Election Day, we have clear new scientific evidence that global warming is not only real, but is accelerating. So, if you’ve got a congressional candidate, like Ken Buck, who claims that global warming is a hoax, you’ve either got a candidate who is too ignorant to understand what the facts are, or too unscrupulous to care what the facts are.

Whichever the case may be, you’ve got a candidate who is unqualified to serve in the United States Congress.

2 thoughts on “For Congressional Election, Pay Attention To Current Climate Research”

  1. Tom says:

    Ken Buck is a candidate PRECISELY because he’s a corporate shill. Which corporation are you voting for this year?

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