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Can You Complete this GOP Global Warming Cartoon?

I’m almost done with this political cartoon on the Republican attitude toward global warming, but I can’t decide how I’d like to finish it:

A GOP Elephant Makes Remarks on Global Warming, Now, Later and Eventually (political cartoon)

The possibilities I’m bandying about in my mind for the “Eventually” balloon include:

“Where’s My Bailout?”
“See? ANOTHER problem that government didn’t fix!”
“This isn’t going to go on my tax bill, is it?”

But I’m sure there are other good entries to go in that spot. Can you think of one?

14 thoughts on “Can You Complete this GOP Global Warming Cartoon?”

  1. Peregrin Wood says:

    “Stop being so impatient! The Free Market will come up with a solution soon, if you just stop whining.”

  2. Tom says:

    “Oh all right!”

    Which, with the picture, tacitly reminds us that they will eventually see the truth, but by then it will be far too late to do anything about it.

  3. HareTrinity says:

    Something about it being God’s way of revenge on sinners?

    “This wouldn’t happen if we didn’t allow gay marriage” or such?

  4. Bob S-K says:

    Maybe no words at all; perhaps remove the word balloon and just have him sitting there the way he is.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      There’s something to be said for silence. Maybe a word balloon with the little gray smeary squiggle that means a grumble.

  5. Bob S-K says:

    No, on second thought, I don’t like that. He should say something. Maybe he changes the subject completely, with no mention of global warming. Righties are good at changing the subject.

    1. Peregrin Wood says:

      Okay, good thought, Bob. So, what the elephant says is: “The point is that gay people shouldn’t get married!” or “This is just God punishing us for gay marriage.”

      1. Bob S-K says:

        I like the first one better, because it doesn’t refer at all to the original issue. “This is just” in the second example takes away the subject-changing zinger.

        1. HareTrinity says:

          [See my version above?]

          I find realism in the idea that they’d acknowledge the flooding only to say that it proves they were right about something, changing the topic from global warming back to Jesus-hates-gays as they do so.

  6. Monkeyflesh says:

    “If we just cut taxes and get the federal government out of the way, we could fix this.”

  7. Luke says:

    I was thinking something along the lines of “Okay, well if you had listened to us earlier then this wouldn’t have happened! *grumble grumble*” as in taking credit for warnings they didn’t give

  8. Ralph says:

    How about something evocative of the Republican response to the Iraqi insurgents:

    “Well, I don’t think anybody could have predicted this.”

    Maybe it’s not too funny, but I bet that’s how it’s going to go–they screw up something with their policies, then say nobody could have known it would get so messed up.

    1. HareTrinity says:

      True! This works.

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