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Interest-Free International Microloan: Carmen Magdalena Mathews Wilson of Nicaragua

For every sweatshop-free t-shirt we sell at Skreened, we set aside a dollar to donate in aid in overseas economic development. Initially, we participated in microloans under the Kiva system, but after we found out that Kiva imposes back-breaking interest and fees on almost all of its borrowers, we shifted our giving to grants without interest or fees, offered through other more ethical institutions.

The thing is, as our original microloans are paid back through the Kiva system, we end up with some funds to reinvest. We’re sending those funds to borrowers through Kiva’s only zero-interest, no fee lender, the Nicaraguan institution ADEPHCA. ADEPHCA invests in poor and remote Creole communities along Nicaragua’s coast. Our latest zero-interest ADHEPHCA microloan goes to Carmen Magdalena Mathews Wilson of Bluefields, Nicaragua. The funds she’s borrowing will allow her to buy bulk foodstuffs for her catering business.

4 thoughts on “Interest-Free International Microloan: Carmen Magdalena Mathews Wilson of Nicaragua”

  1. Tom says:

    Here’s an interesting and short piece on public higher education in the future:

  2. Tom says:

    U.S. Life-expectancy rate going down to the point where now we’re 49th in the world:

    1. Jim Cook says:


      The decline is relative to other countries. There is no absolute decline in life expectancy in the United States. Conditions in other countries have gone up at a faster rate, which you will discover if you click through to the original Reuters news story:

      Life expectancy has gone up in all the countries — including the United States — studied by the Columbia University academic team whose work forms the basis for the news article.

  3. Tom says:

    While you’re going international, check out this conversation with Joe Bageant:

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