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The Audacity of Rope: Revenge Fantasies against an Uppity Black

The Audacity of Rope Bumper Sticker: a Racist Revenge Fantasy against that Uppity Black, President Barack Obama

No, I’m not going to give you a link to the web page selling that sticker: I don’t want to give it the Google juice it so desires. You can find it for sale, though, right alongside bumper stickers reading “Tea Party Militia,” “Romney: Don’t Quit on Mitt,” “Molon Labe!,” “WWJDD: What Would Jeff Davis Do?” and “Cracker Power.”

Why, oh why, do people keep insisting that there’s a vein of racism running through the American conservative movement?

6 thoughts on “The Audacity of Rope: Revenge Fantasies against an Uppity Black”

  1. HareTrinity says:

    Okay, forgive my lack of familiarity with historic American figures, but by Jeff David do they mean this one?

    So what would he do… Be argumentative, get charged with treason, have 2 wives, 6 kids (2 of whom never went on to marry, and only 1 of whom had children of their own), refuse to go to Cuba, show a lack of military discipline/understanding whilst president, did a bit of crossdressing whilst trying to run away, died in New Orleans.

    While to each their own, which part of this is this site holding in high regard? Not the crossdressing I assume?

    1. HareTrinity says:

      Jeff DAVIS, sorry!

    2. Jim says:

      Jefferson Davis, President of the rebel confederacy during our civil war, yep. The sticker features his portrait. Wait for the apologist to write here that Davis was a very NICE man fighting for the right of people to keep slaves, and that the civil war wasn’t about preserving slavery, it was about preserving the southern heritage of … erm, doily-making or something.

      And to clarify, THIS site doesn’t venerate Jefferson Davis. THAT site, the one selling the Ku Klux Klan lynch-Obama bumper sticker, does.

      1. HareTrinity says:

        Ah, okay. Still, doesn’t seem like he’s a particularly good choice of heros, I thought the right-wing tended to go for people who seem more brave, capable of sticking to 1 marriage, good with military and never seen in women’s clothing.

        1. Jim Cook says:

          Well, sort of! They actually tend to go for closeted gay men who proclaim the evils of homosexuality, or for serial adulterers who like to talk about family values.

          1. HareTrinity says:

            Precisely! People so deep in denial they’ll spurt all sorts of nonsense. Seems like this guy didn’t come close and that his Wikipedia article alone makes him seem a tad pathetic.

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