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Kesha Rogers Teaches How To Impeach Obama

If ever you’re feeling that this year’s congressional elections lack enough originality and spark, turn your view to the campaign of Kesha Rogers for Congress. Rogers is a right wing Democrat, a follower of Lyndon LaRouche, who is running against Congressman Pete Olson – and against Barack Obama.

Two policies are key to the Kesha Rogers campaign: 1) Revival of the outdated Space Shuttle program; and 2) Impeachment of President Obama.

How is the impeachment of Obama to be accomplished, though? A recent rally set up by Rogers teaches people how to get it done: Pull over to the side of the road, and join the Kesha Rogers campaign, and then… voila! Obama is impeached, and the LaRouche “extraterrestrial imperative” can move forward.

If I only had known that impeachment could be so easy, I would have set up a roadside rally in Texas back during the Bush years.

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