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As another Sharron Angle Group Pays NewsMax, NewsMax Writes More Puff

A few minutes ago, I wrote to share some interesting information about the relationship between groups promoting Sharron Angle and NewsMax. The day after receiving a $20,000 payment on October 16 from Senate Conservatives Fund for information used to aid Sharron Angle’s campaign, NewsMax published an article describing the Nevada Senate candidate in glowing terms. NewsMax did not disclose the payment when publishing the article.

A few days later, on October 20, 2010, NewsMax received another payment — this time taking $13,200 from the “Restore America’s Voice” political action committee. According to FEC records, the purpose of this transaction was again to compensate NewsMax for activities in support of the Sharron Angle campaign for Senate. The next day, NewsMax posted a new article on its avowedly “fair,” “balanced,” and “independent” “news site” declaring the unsurprising opinion of a Fox News personality that “In Nevada, Republican Sharron Angle did very well in her debate with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and should win a close race.” Yet again, NewsMax did not disclose the payment when publishing the article.

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