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Open Carry Gun Activist Attacks Woman Outside Rand Paul Debate

Gun rights protesters go to great lengths to portray themselves as normal, peaceful Americans who just so happen to have a very strong emotional connection to deadly weapons that are designed to kill other human beings. That’s the line that’s been promoted by Kentucky Open Carry, an organization devoted to gun rights and organizes events like the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot at the beginning of this month.

Mike Pezzano is the Assistant Organizer of Kentucky Open Carry. Last night, Lisa Graas reports, Pezzano was one of the group of Rand Paul supporters who threw Lauren Valle to the ground and held her down while her head was stomped on twice.

Lauren Valle had done nothing except to dare to mock Rand Paul.

Mike Pezzano might find it difficult to openly carry his guns while sitting in his prison cell for his part in the political attack.

Gun rights activists characterize their cause as essential to liberty, the idea being that Americans can’t possibly be free unless they intimidate their own government at gunpoint. Their credibility, however, is undermined when they violently attack other citizens for doing nothing more than exercising their own liberty to speak freely.

One thought on “Open Carry Gun Activist Attacks Woman Outside Rand Paul Debate”

  1. Walter says:

    Gun rights “protester”? That’s a first.

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