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Gold’s Gym Is Great For Bigots

Gold’s Gym has something for everyone… who is a Republican right wing anti-environment bigot.

Robert Rowling, the owner of the company that runs Gold’s Gyms, a popular workout chain across the country, gave two million dollars to Karl Rove’s organization, American Crossroads.

American Crossroads spent that money on helping anti-gay extremists who mock Hispanics, insist that global warming is a hoax, oppose regulation of offshore drilling companies like BP, support the teaching of Creationism in public school science classes, and want to make Christianity the law of the land.

If you’re a Gold’s Gym customer, we have a special discount offer for you: Quit your membership at Gold’s Gym, and keep your self-respect at no additional charge!

Of course, Gold’s Gym has a new introductory membership offer as well: Join Gold’s Gym, and you get a complimentary loathing for science and cultural diversity, which is yours to keep so long as you don’t give a damn about anyone but yourself.

5 thoughts on “Gold’s Gym Is Great For Bigots”

  1. Tom says:

    Welcome aboard maycatdecal. The first thing you can learn about this culture is that there are some really self-centered people walking around who would stomp on your head if they disagree with you (especially if you’re female), don’t care about the environment except to pollute it, and absolutely believe all kinds of vague mythological nonsense as the basis for their actions. Our country has recently turned into a banana republic but not everyone has experienced the full meaning of this yet (it’s still evolving). Enjoy yourself – but keep your eyes open and don’t trust anybody unless you know them.

    In other words – this place is nuts!

  2. HareTrinity says:

    To be fair this always makes me smile. Reminds me of this:

    Besides, over-built men appeal more to men than women in my experience.

  3. Steve says:

    maycatdecal, don’t do it here….progressives make up a small part…yes, a small part, of the cultural landscape of this country. To get all your views from here would be foolish in the least, destructive at it’s best. Surf the web and get a more diverse view of America, and the radical onesided, narrow view written here daily.

    1. Peregrin Wood says:

      So, Steve, could you communicate with us on topic, then?

      Do you regard equality under the law for heterosexuals and homosexuals as a “radical onesided, narrow view”?

      Personally, I think that the very essence of equality is that it isn’t one-sided or narrow. In the United States of America, I didn’t think that equality ought to be considered as radical, either.

  4. doctorb says:

    At the Gold’s in Tallahassee on Capital Circle there are four tvs hanging over the second floor cardio area. One of the four is always tuned to FoxNews but thankfully one has also always been tuned to MSNBC. (Not that anything can really balance out the nazi propaganda spewing from Fox, but at least it’s some concession to those with a brain and/or heart.) Last night however the tube which typically carries MSNBC was tuned to NBC programming, I think, and tonight it had CNN. I guess some ignorant racist scumbag must have complained that Rachel offended their delicate cowardly sensibilities?

    Ah well, maybe it’s just a mistake and will be corrected? And anyway, the article above suggests it might be kind of pointless to complain from the other side of the aisle? Not that it really matters all that much to me; what do I care what some ignorant racist scumbag at the gym watches on tv? I’m just there to work out, and though this sort of thing is indeed kind of offensive, this particular Gold’s is truly an excellent excellent gym and a dirt cheap bargain so I’m not going to boycott or make waves about it. Though what you say about the parent company’s political behavior doesn’t really surprise me, I suppose…

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