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Progressive Independence Proposes Presidential Candidates Not Named Obama

At Progressive Independence, Jeff Roby has moved beyond his negative-themed call for progressives, liberals, socialists and other left-minded Americans to Dump Obama as President in 2012. Adopting a positive perspective, Roby has asked the important question: if Barack Obama is to have a primary challenger within the Democratic Party or a third party challenger in the general election of 2012, who should it be?

Roby starts the discussion with a long list of names:

Al Gore (Former Senator and Vice President)
Alan Grayson (House of Representatives)
Alexander Cockburn
Andrew Romanoff (Speaker of the House of Representatives of Colorado)
Arianna Huffington
Ben Affleck
Bernie Sanders (Senator)
Bill Black (Assoc. Professor of Economics & Law at University of Missouri – Kansas City)
Cynthia McKinney (Former Representative)
David Sirota
Dawn Johnsen (Professor of Constitutional Law at Indiana University)
Dean Baker (Center for Economic and Policy Research)
Dennis Kucinich (House of Representatives)
Mike Gravel (Former Senator)
Elizabeth Warren (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)
George Clooney
Glenn Greenwald
Howard Dean (Former Governor of Vermont)
James Galbraith (Professor of Public Affairs at University of Texas, Austin)
Jesse Ventura (Former Governor of Minnesota)
Jane Hamsher
John Aravosis
Joseph Stiglitz (Nobel Laureate in Economics)
Michael Moore
Peter DeFazio (House of Representatives)
Ralph Nader (Consumer Activist)
Richard Trumka (AFL-CIO President)
Russ Feingold (Senate)
Susan Sarandon
Yves Smith

A number of these names aren’t serious suggestions. Some — Affleck, Clooney, Sarandon, Moore, Madonna — are artists with no history of elected office. Others — Aravosis, Cockburn, Greenwald, Hamsher, Huffington, Sirota, Smith — are columnists or bloggers and also without history of elected office. Then there are the academics — Black, Galbraith, Johnsen, Stiglitz — who have shown no inclination to run and again have no history of elected office. These people aren’t going to run for President.

There are some other national politicians who I think have compiled an impressive record in office and who should be added to the list:

Dick Durbin, Senate
Donna Edwards, House of Representatives
Raul Grijalva, House of Representatives
George Miller, House of Representatives
Jerrold Nadler, House of Representatives
Henry Waxman, House of Representatives
Jan Schakowsky, House of Representatives
Jeff Merkley, Senate
Maurice Hinchey, House of Representatives
Tammy Baldwin, House of Representatives
Yvette Clarke, House of Representatives

Who would you add or take away from this list of possible progressive presidential aspirants in 2012?

One thought on “Progressive Independence Proposes Presidential Candidates Not Named Obama”

  1. Curt Herman says:

    As a progressive I watch Free Speach Tv and MSNBC, I saw on there when the Health Care debates were going, Chairman Dean said the Public Option was the concession, the meet in the middle and Obama gave it away after he promised he would fight for it. I was disgusted! The same thing with taxing the Hedge Funds during the Financial Reform, but he caved. He keeps letting us down. ANd he appoints Gov Kaine who after Dean left him a majority of Democratic Governors, the House, the Senate and the WHite House, Kaine has nearly lost it all. He should have been removed after he lost his own states Governor race. Now after this midterm he still is in charge. Again Obama isn’t showing leadership.
    I nominate Sen Russ Fiengold sure he lost in this low turn out election, by being outspent and his side not showing up. But, it will be different in 2012. Plus he won’t be blamed for these next 2 years.I nominate Gov. Dean as his campaign manager, Joe Trippi as his movement manager. Sen WEllstones former manager Likens and his wife as his cordinator,Emily’s lists president Stephanie Schriock, as his campaign cordinator, Tad Devine as his spokesperson, Steve McMahon as his communications manager, and Admiral Sestack as his nation security advisor,Gov Rendell as his domestic affairs advisor.Like Chris Mathews said we have a problem from Scranton to Oshcosh. Until we fix this we can’t keep the majority.This would be the best campaign, hope the Senator considers.

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