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2009-2010 Independent Expenditure Database Grows by 50% in just 5 Days

There’s a considerable endgame being played by the purveyors of “Dark Money” in the 2010 congressional campaigns. During the entire period from January 1 2009 to October 26 2010, thirty thousand independent expenditures were reported to the Federal Elections Commission by shadowy political corporations that collect donations of unlimited size and for the most part never reveal the names of their donors. Today, just five days later, the number of independent expenditures reported to the Federal Elections Commission surpasses forty-five thousand. Today’s reports aren’t all in yet, but the reported spending looks to reach $50 million for the five-day period.

Who are the people behind this spending? I can’t tell you. No one can.

4 thoughts on “2009-2010 Independent Expenditure Database Grows by 50% in just 5 Days”

  1. Tom says:

    Republitards are expecting big wins all over the place. Dempublicrats are campaigning hard to limit losses. 3rd party candidates are being drowned out by all the corporate media money-backed ads. Democracy is no where in sight and the rule of law has been run out of town. Banana republic elections are always so entertaining with their manufactured drama (while behind the scenes the status quo reigns supreme via the powers that be manipulating everything to get what they want no matter who gets elected).

  2. Tom says:

    Waddiya know, people actually trying to replace the Obama demi-god in next election!

  3. Tom says:

    And all the LEGAL companies (no matter how toxic to its users) just keep advertising their wares:

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