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Jon Stewart’s Rally Was Not A Demonstration Of Moderation

Jon Stewart said that his Rally To Restore Sanity and/or Fear was for people who were too busy to become involved in their own democracy as serious political activists… but not too busy to travel hundreds or thousands of miles to watch musicians and actors on a stage in Washington D.C. Search for any meaning underneath the rally, and that’s all you could find – doublespeak.

The only tiny fragment of any higher rationale for the John Stewart Rally To Restore Sanity and/or Fear yesterday was that it called for people to moderate. Jon Stewart couldn’t summon the focus necessary to define what “moderate” actually means. He certainly didn’t identify any political ideals. Apparently, paying attention to the details of what your government is doing is not moderate. Instead, having a vague notion of not acting crazy or mean seems to be what Jon Stewart means by being a “moderate”.

Is that what the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear actually accomplished?

Jon Stewart said the rally would be for people who wanted to engage in “respectful disagreement”, but it featured people holding signs reading things such as “I Fucked Karl Rove’s Mom” and “Don’t Be A Douche Bag”. People at the rally pushed and shouted at each other to all try to get to the front, so that they could glimpse a hint of the far away people actually on the stage.

Jon Stewart lectured anti-war protesters about how they were too loud and obnoxious, and then he filled the nation’s capitol with loud music blasted from audio speakers the size of elephants. He preached about how political activists are too outlandish and insane, and then, in order to make his point, he broadcast to the rally a video showing him in a race with a robot and a bear, at the end of which the bear smashed the robot to pieces. He said protesters needed to “take it down a notch”, but people attending his rally dressed up in banana costumes, or as superheroes, or arch villains like Darth Vader. One group arrived in a bus transformed to look like a giant dragon.

Jon Stewart’s announcement of the Rally To Restore Sanity and/or Fear included shots of activists yelling slogans, and Stewart shook his head, wondering what could lead people to act that way. Then, Stewart shook the walls of Washington D.C., with his own loud voice audible for over a mile.

To support it all, Jon Stewart encouraged people to burn millions of gallons of gasoline in order to attend his rally.

If this rally stood for anything, it was excess, not moderation.

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