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He Should Have Meant it Ironically

An illegal immigrant protest sign referring to Barack Obama, worn by someone wearing a t-shirt made in a sweatshopYesterday morning, Tony Caputo sent me a little bit of love mail with this picture attached. Just in case I was wondering whether he agreed, he wrote “I Second That Statement!… A resounding “Amen” to this Sign!!!… This is a great sign… This sign is pure Genius!!!!… The Truest Sign in America Today.”

Tony Caputo and the gentleman holding that sign should have been speaking ironically. Of course, the statement on the sign is predictably untrue. There’s no evidence whatsoever to support the charge that President Barack Obama is an illegal immigrant. The t-shirt being worn by the protesting gentleman — Baseball, An American Tradition — is listed for resale on eBay and is a Delta brand item. Delta t-shirts are made in El Salvador under sweatshop conditions by some of the very people who flee north to escape the grinding poverty of the sweatshop system.

But of course this protester is not speaking ironically. It’s so much easier to take advantage of other people to pick up a fake-American t-shirt on the cheap on the way to a protest at which you heap more abuse on them.

One thought on “He Should Have Meant it Ironically”

  1. Tom says:

    READ people, read! Become informed! Nah, easier to listen to Faux Noise and Fats Limbaugh i guess.

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