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Someone tell God that Denial is Not a River in Egypt

If God is all things, then God is an alcoholic.

If God is an alcoholic, then if he wants to recover he has to submit to a higher power.

If God does not admit there is a higher power, then he is in denial.

Someone needs to tell God that denial is not a river in Egypt.

1 comment to Someone tell God that Denial is Not a River in Egypt

  • Tom

    You’re forgetting – if God is all things then he’s both an alcoholic and a former alcoholic (it’s the Uncertainty Principal of the Christian church. Mere man cannot tell which it is at any time with any certainty. He’s also a drug addict (and a recovered one), a sex addict (and . . .), etc. Remember the Religious-right/Republican motto: If God does it, it isn’t sin.

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