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Feingold For President – The Best Liberal Christmas Present Ever

Russ Feingold may have lost a U.S. Senate seat, but he has gained a grassroots movement. A Facebook page has started to organize in support of the drafting of Russ Feingold for President – in 2016, or just maybe, to challenge Barack Obama in 2012.

Feingold nearly ran for President in 2008, but called off his campaign when Barack Obama’s star eclipsed his. Now, Obama’s star is tarnished, as liberals have discovered that the President was never very committed to the ideals that brought his 2008 supporters the greatest hope. As a U.S. Senator, Russ Feingold has persisted in defending Americans’ constitutional rights when other members of Congress walked away from the fight. That makes Feingold a perfect representative of liberals who have become disenchanted with Barack Obama’s abandonment of progressive causes.

Even as Feingold conceded to Ron Johnson last week, he sparked renewed interest in his presidential prospects with the conclusion: “I hope and I intend to work with all of you in the future… So, it’s on to the next fight! It’s on to the next battle! It’s on to 2012, and it is on to our next adventure, forward!”

It just so happens that we at Irregular Times had a sense that Russ Feingold might throw his hat in the 2012 ring, and have crafted a campaign button design or two to support the Draft Feingold movement.

There’s also this other collection of bumper stickers and campaign t-shirts promoting the idea of Russ Feingold running for President in 2012. This second collection includes a campaign button design featuring Santa Claus himself promoting Russ Feingold for President.

Given that Santa lives up on the barren ice pack, can we truly include him among Feingold’s grassroots supporters? Let’s not fret about the details.

2 thoughts on “Feingold For President – The Best Liberal Christmas Present Ever”

  1. Kimberly says:

    I’m thinking we need to get to work NOW to get Russ to run in 2012 and I want to know what I can do.

  2. Peregrin Wood says:

    Good thought, Kimberly. Let me put together a collection of resources to date, and see what’s available. I’ll get back to you on this.

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