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Support for a Draft Feingold for President Movement Spreads

Draft Russ Feingold 2012 Petition:

On Tuesday, November 2, 2010 we saw Senator Russ Feingold stand above all others as he gave a speech that unified Democrats across the country. Even as the sea of red Republican take-over’s across the country lit up television screens, Senator Feingold’s message of fighting for American values, standing up against corporate and money from lobbyist stood out amongst all the others.

Join our grassroots movement to urge Senator Feingold to seek the Democratic nomination in 2012 for President of the United States. Sign our petition today!

In a moment of great anxiety, only Senator Feingold’s background and accomplishments which define leadership, integrity and values that reach across party lines, will move our country from a perilous course towards prosperity, peace and unity.

Russ Feingold for President Facebook page:

Russ Feingold has been one of the best voices of the US Government: honest, independent, thoughtful, and progressive. We think he should run for President, and the country would be lucky to have him!

Draft Feingold for President Twitter presence:

47% of Dems FAVOR a primary challenge to Obama- in my opinion Sen. Feingold is the one to do it #p2 #2012

Thank You, Senator Feingold:

Over the course of his visit, he laid out what sounded like the elements of an embryonic Feingold strategy – for himself or his party – for how to win back lapsed and teetering Democrats.

Put another way, he provided some clues about how a “Russ Feingold for President” campaign, were it ever to happen, might look.

If the theme of the trip was making inroads in red states dominated by culturally conservative voters, Feingold’s prescriptions involved both style and substance.

Along with jobs and health care, he repeatedly brought up the deficit and trade, suggesting both issues could be used to win back conservative and blue collar voters upset by the nation’s growing debt or the loss of jobs overseas….

Feingold was not willing to concede that Alabama is a lost cause, as so many national figures in the Democratic Party are willing to do. He came here to learn, to understand, to teach.

So as he prepares to leave the United States Senate, let me just say — Thank you, senator, for remembering us here in RedStateLand, for remembering that even in red states there are people who struggle every day to keep hope alive.

And may God bless you in your next endeavor.

The Regimen:

In the conclusion of his concession speech Feingold stated, “It’s on to the next battle. It’s on to 2012!” Now, you can construe that phrase in two directions. 1) It’s on to defeat the GOP in 2012, or 2) I’m going to be a third party candidate in 2012 taking on the establishment. I’m pretty sure he meant 1). However, if it was between Obama and Feingold for President I’ve got two words for you: Go Badgers!

Reasonable Citizen:

Is it worth considering Feingold in 2012? You betcha!

Reverend Manny:

With not only the national election, but many state executive and legislative elections, going to the corporate-sponsored Republican Tea Party Romp-a-Stomp of 2010, there’s a desperate pallor of fear and depression in NetLefty circles these days. And there should be. After nearly $4 billion in campaign spending, the corporations are getting ready to ream out country, its coffers and its very people.

There are also some fascinating new possibilities coming to the forefront.

One that’s just starting to gain steam is Draft Feingold 2012, a possibility this blogger is quite excited about.

Is this a sputtering spark, or will the Russ Feingold for President in 2012 movement spread farther?

6 thoughts on “Support for a Draft Feingold for President Movement Spreads”

  1. Tom says:

    He’ll get my vote.

  2. Reverend Manny says:

    I think the challenge will be to keep voters from 2008. Though the 2010 election may prove that they’re already gone for good. I don’t think those voters are a lost cause, but I do see how the DLC is ditching them hard, right now.

  3. Juniper says:

    With some tending, this spark can spread into a wildfire that yes, burns the current leadership of the Democratic Party, but then leaves behind some nutrients with which a strong, genuine grassroots movement can grow.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The Chicago Thug Machine will kill this before it’ll grow legs….

  5. Justin says:

    I am thinking it’s like RFK and 1968. Regardless of his chances, Bobby felt he had no choice but to run, out of principle. Same ought to go for Russ. Forget whether his chances are slim or wide. If he and we were to get bogged down over the strategy and dynamics, we’d all just feel how daunting a feat this is and forget the purpose of it. That said, I wouldn’t be amped on the possibility of a Feingold Presidency if I didn’t think it was possible. It is within reach, though not easy by any means. Russ is no Dennis Kucinich.
    If Obama continues to decline in popularity with the liberal-moderate base that got him past Hillary by a few hairs, it would be either cowardly or short-sighted of Russ to not challenge him in the months to come.

    1. Juniper says:

      I agree – though I wouldn’t count it as cowardice for anyone not to run for President of the United States. Russ Feingold has a rare combination of dedication to ideals and a stable, steady approach to politics that’s needed in an effective leader.

      If anyone can do it, Feingold can…

      … and besides, all the people who say that Feingold can’t win are conveniently ignoring the fact that Barack Obama himself may have real difficulty winning.

      If we’re going to work to get a candidate into the White House, I’d much prefer supporting a candidate who supports my liberal values, and Barack Obama has shown over and over again that he does NOT.

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