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More Russ Feingold for President Talk, and a Hyperlink Game

Democratic Underground:

Feingold/Grayson Or Grayson/Feingold 2012!

Or 2016. Hey, I’m flexible.

Tom’s Civil Liberty Blog:

One of the immediate consequences of Russ Feingold’s stunning loss in last Tuesday’s election–which deprives us of the best civil libertarian in Congress, and the only senator of either party in a position hold to Obama accountable on civil liberties issues–is that it makes him a free agent. And some have interpreted the cryptic final statement in his concession speech (“it’s on to 2012 and it is on to our next adventure. Forward!”) as an indication of possible presidential ambitions….

The day after the midterms, Feingold’s press secretary put out a statement maintaining that the senator “has no current plans to run for anything.” Notice the qualifier – “current.” That does not rule out a decision tomorrow to run for something.
If Feingold ran against Obama in the 2012 Democratic presidential primary, would you vote for him? Realistically, I’m not sure I would; he’d make a better president, but I’d have to look at the practical implications of his candidacy. All Ted Kennedy did by challenging Jimmy Carter for the 1980 nomination was weaken his candidacy, which may have contributed to Reagan’s victory. A Republican win in 2012 would not be an upgrade; it could be catastrophic, especially for the Supreme Court.

But if I could choose another person of either party to serve as president tomorrow, I’d be hard pressed to name a better candidate than Russ Feingold. The only senator to vote against the PATRIOT Act, he has been an advocate for open government and campaign-finance reform for 18 years. The Senate will be weaker and less effective without him.

And a Feingold 2012 Hyperlink Game:

Russ Feingold 2012 Hyperlink Game: M for Momentum

M for Momentum

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