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Have You Been Asked to Sign the Americans Elect 2012 Petition?

In at least the states of Arizona and Nevada, paid petition circulators for Americans Elect have been trying to get enough signatures to get this entity — at once both a corporation and a political party — a place on the the ballot for the 2012 presidential elections.

Because this corporation/political party is trying to orchestrate a bid for the most powerful position on the planet, because it has been funded solely from the contributions of one very wealthy man who is also the corporation/party’s Chairman, and because it has not yet revealed more than three paragraphs’ worth of information to the public despite being engaged in party activities for half a year, it is crucial that we citizens work together to find out as much as possible about this group.

Have you been asked to sign the Americans Elect petition to place it on the presidential ballot? If so, would you consider sharing what you know? In what state were you approached by Americans Elect petition contractors? How did the Americans Elect contractors describe the Americans Elect strategy, either in verbal conversation or in written documents? Was Americans Elect described primarily as a process in which all Americans would be able to participate, deciding for ourselves what sort of presidential candidate should be nominated? Was Americans Elect described to you as a party with a particular policy platform according to which possible candidates would be vetted> Or was Americans Elect described to you in different terms than either of these?

If you have any information along these lines to share about Americans Elect’s corporate/party ballot access efforts, I’d appreciate it if you’d pass that information along by adding a comment below.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Have You Been Asked to Sign the Americans Elect 2012 Petition?”

  1. Dave says:

    Today there was a man tabling near the front door of a rec-center in Peoria, AZ (a suburb of Phoenix). He had gotten at least a couple of pages worth of signatures, but his explanation of the party platform was very vague. He mentioned something about giving democratic voters an alternative candidate in the next election cycle. He also mentioned Jews, although that part was really pretty randomvague and I’m not particularly sure how or why he brought them into the conversation.

    I’m generally supportive of third party politics, but it concerned me that this man didn’t seem to have any kind of documentation. There were none of the standard signs, flyers or hand-outs typically associated with tabling. Not even business cards. Or a name-tag. No paperwork what-so-ever, other than the petition itself.

    When I asked him why there were no pamphlets the man said that it was an intentional effort to avoid letting “the liberal media get ahold of it…” He said they didn’t want the kind of negative coverage the Tea Party has recieved.

    Even without a written explanation of the party’s platform, I observed at least two individuals signing the petition. Both times I walked past the table someone was just finishing their signature.

    I’m very curious about why they’re petitioning on a platform that they’re not willing to explain in writing for fear of getting press coverage. I’m also very curious about how Jews and Democrats fit into this mysterious party plan.

  2. Joe Beno says:

    A few days ago I was stopped by a gentleman with a clipboard as I was entering my local Ralphs’ market. He asked me to sign a petition. Although I generally do not sign petitions, I asked what his was about. He asked me if I was disappointed with what passes for Democrat & Republican candidates these days, and if I wished there was an alternative. I agreed and said I do not vote for them. He handed me the clipboard to sign. He said “you’re a registered voter, right?” I replied that I haven’t registered for years, and asked what the purpose would be of registering to vote, if I have no intentions of voting for the corrupt, greedy lowlifes that each party puts onto the ballet for their own monetary interests? I reiterated that there are very few individuals left as honest as I am (having never told a lie), but I would vote for individuals that were comparably as ethical, with a regard for the citizens, and not only themselves. Individuals like Lincoln, Buford Pusser (portrayed in the film: “Walking tall” with Joe Don Baker), and Wyoming attorney, Gerry Spence, are social rarities due to their character, courage and outspoken concern & humanity. That dos not exist in todays’ political landscape because 98% of our society has less intelligence than a egg salad sandwich; So, who would be wise enough to vote for those with integrity these days?? The most corrupt corporations control the media they own outright, thanks to paying off the scum we have for politicians, lawyers, and judges, and they would never let individuals like Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura or even ME for that matter, get equal air time, or genuine tabulation results, without getting smeared with endless lies & fabricated distortions. I wish signatures on a petition wasn’t a waste of time, but miracles are seldom seen since documentation has started being done with computers, instead engraved stones.

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