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Irregular Design Becomes Logo Of Draft Feingold Movement

I’m never happier than when I see a good idea spread, and so it’s nice to see that, over the last week, the idea of a Feingold for President campaign has gotten some attention in networks of liberal activists. It’s particularly interesting to see when the trail of activism ends up right back where I started following it.

That’s what’s happened with a logo designed by one of the Irregular Times team: Draft Russ Feingold 2012, it reads, with Feingold’s name in the shape of the USA. That logo is now being used by the people behind the Draft Feingold 2012 petition.

That same logo, by the way, was originally created for a Draft Russ Feingold 2012 t-shirt and a Draft Russ Feingold 2012 campaign button.

One thought on “Irregular Design Becomes Logo Of Draft Feingold Movement”

  1. richard schiller says:

    What a shame! Couldn’t you design a middle of the road logo that would show his pix with a catchy message?? I wouldn’t wear it, but I support Russ for President 2012!

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