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The Solstice is the Reason for the Season

The tilt of the Earth, half-shrouded in darkness, is the reason it gets so dark and cold this time of year. The commemoration of the blanket of darkness and the wait for light’s return at the solstice has been the reason for the celebration of the season for a long time, long before the strategic appropriation of the time by Christ’s Mass.

The Solstice is the Reason for the Season T-Shirt

When a fundamentalist gets in your face and pushily demands that you Remember the Reason for the Season, show them that you already do.

4 comments to The Solstice is the Reason for the Season

  • HareTrinity

    Ooh, I like this one!

  • Anonymous

    Yea…but its CHRISTmas that allows you to sell the t-shirt with a dumb message for an inflated price to give as a gift for…CHRISTmas….

    • You mean Jesus died so you could put presents under a pine tree? The pine tree, the lights, the gifts, the holly, the ivy, the parties… all that is pagan in origin.

      The price is higher because the t-shirt isn’t made in a sweatshop, Anonymous. Jesus doesn’t like kiddie and slave labor.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my Darwin, Jim, you do believe in the true meaning of Christams…I knew you were a closet Christain all along. Pretending to be an atheist just to bolster the deep values of Christ. Good for you. Wait does that mean that Clifford, Tom, Mother Davis and the rest of the troop are Closet Christains as well? You know, it’s okay to come out….liberate your soul…walk in the sunshine…witness to others and you will be free….

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