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They Defeat Demons But Cannot Survive Mockery

Unemployed? Why not apply for work in a field with a shortage of qualified professionals? Why not become an exorcist?

Last weekend, over 100 Catholic priests met in Baltimore, Maryland to discuss the crisis in the exorcism community. Apparently, almost no priests want to become trained exorcists because they are afraid of being made fun of. An Australian newspaper reports, “The decline in the numbers of priests authorised to expel evil spirits is sometimes blamed on films such as 1973’s The Exorcist – scenes of head-spinning and projectile vomiting, endlessly satirised, exposing the practice to ridicule.”

These priests expect us to believe that their colleagues are more afraid of being joked about than they are of demons with supernatural strength sent to defeat them? Strange courage.

Among the symptoms of demonic possession identified at the conference was aversion to the mention of Jesus Christ. Apparently, I’ve got a minion of Satan lurking inside me.

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