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How About Just the Four Commandments in Cape Coral, Then?

The mayor of Cape Coral, Florida is trying to shove a display of the Ten Commandments inside his city’s government building in order to get residents to “straighten up”:

“I don’t want to do this in a haphazard way or open up a can of worms, but I think it is a good idea,” Mayor John Sullivan said. “I don’t see this as separation of church and state. Our laws were built on the Ten Commandments. It’s getting back to our core values.”

“I think they should do it,” said Cape Coral resident Jerricka Mejias, 24. “Everyone should know the Ten Commandments. That would be hot.”

I know what Jerricka means. If I repeat the words “keep it holy” enough, I get weak in the knees myself. But those party poopers over at Secular News Daily say that the Ten Commandments aren’t really in our laws after all:

Where is the connection? Of the four — yes, four — which relate to anything covered in American laws, do we really need a deity to tell us not to murder, steal, violate our wedding vows, or commit perjury? Of the other six, we have no laws forbidding other (or no) gods, idols, taking the Lord’s name in vain, working on the Sabbath, backsassing one’s parents, or envying our neighbor’s ass, his wife, or his wife’s ass.

And then there’s the real drag on the whole thing, the United States Constitution, which prohibits the use of government to establish religion.

If God really wants that display put inside a Cape Coral government building, maybe He’ll enact an Eleventh Commandment tomorrow to nullify the Constitution and put John Sullivan in the presidency. Keep an eye out for that.

One thought on “How About Just the Four Commandments in Cape Coral, Then?”

  1. Judy Coughlin says:

    I live in Leesburg, VA, where there has been ongoing controversy over the traditional display of a nativity scene on courthouse property. Last year the board of supervisors allowed about a dozen displays of different faiths/groups. This year they accepted 10 displays–first come first serve. So the coveted corner spot (center of town) was won by the atheists! They are going to have a big banner. Another spot goes to the Jedhiists–The force be with you. Haven’t seen any sign of fireworks yet–but I’m sure there will be tremendous anti-atheist sentiment. See for articles.

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