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Does Ann Marie Buerkle Really Want Government Out Of Houses Of Worship?

In Upstate New York, incumbent Congressman Dan Maffei has conceded defeat to Ann Marie Buerkle, a Republican who has made news by claiming that global warming is just a “myth” that will go away if we just ignore it. Buerkle’s answer to every problem, excepting the military, is for the government to stop trying to deal with our country’s problems and just see what happens.

Buerkle writes, “We need to restore government to its proper size and sphere. It shouldn’t be in our homes, our houses of worship, and most definitely not in our doctor’s offices.”

That’s a line that makes right wing Republicans happy, but does Buerkle really believe it?

If she really wants government out of “our houses of worship”, when will new U.S. Representative Ann Marie Buerkle introduce legislation to end the government handouts to churches through the White House Office of Faith Based Initiatives?

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