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What Should We Call the TSA Warrantless Scan and Patdown Procedure?

Referring to the Transportation Security Agency’s “program of naked body scans and bodily invasive patdowns without a warrant” is a bit cumbersome. There’s got to be a name we can call the TSA airport search escalation that’s catchy, quick and evocative of something nasty. What should it be?

6 thoughts on “What Should We Call the TSA Warrantless Scan and Patdown Procedure?”

  1. Jim Cook says:

    I nominate “Operation Grope and Gawk.”

  2. Tom says:

    Good one, Jim!

    How about a sign as you enter “the zone”: “Got Junk?” (lifted from a hauling service vehicle)

    “TSA: X-Ray and x-rated!”

    we could start a new t.v. show called: “Paw stars!”

    “TSA: Flicking and Fondling for your protection!”

    Happy Bird Day everyone! i gotta go help my wife (who’s making enough for an army) prepare for this afternoon’s on-slaught of people, food, sports on the tube (just to keep up the background noise so any possible social discomfort stays to a minimum), lots of conversation and thanks that we haven’t been bottlenecked yet. Hope everyone stays healthy all around!

    Thank you all for this great site!

    1. J. Clifford says:

      I know it’s traditional of me, but how about we call it “unreasonable search and seizure”?

  3. ezmo says:

    Urban Dictionary nailed it for me: “Gate Rape.”

  4. Low Key says:

    Porno scanners.

  5. tkogrumpy says:

    Gate Rape is the winna!

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