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Nice Digs, Americans Elect

The 3rd Quarter disclosure of Americans Elect’s expenses reveals a taste for living high and paying low. The corporation/political party getting ready to announce its own bid for the White House in 2012 started paying rent in July for its office on Pennsylvania Avenue, one block away from the White House at a rate of $5,921 a month. The 12th floor, the coveted top floor, has balconies from which to see the grand view. When the gang went to Boston for a meeting in August, they stayed at the posh Mandarin Oriental hotel (rated third in the country by Conde Nast) in rooms that go for $460 a night.

Those sure are some nice digs, but I wouldn’t want to work there. Americans Elect’s Communications Manager is being paid at a rate of about $23,000 a year, and its Office Manager is being paid at a rate of about $47,500 a year. You don’t go into politics to get rich, not unless you aim for the top. Kahlil Byrd is the Director, sometime-Secretary, Treasurer and Chief Operating Officer of Americans Elect. He also has a side “Management consulting” relationship through his Sung Media Ventures company, through which he’s raked in more than $84,000 in expenses and fees over the past six months.

One thought on “Nice Digs, Americans Elect”

  1. h c mark says:

    i was duped by these guys — signed up as a deligate — took their pole — even if they were legit — it would be foolish to suppoet a left wing third party — they give you results of previous pole takers — very left — would delute obama’s vote if left candidate is selected — must get the story out — delegates could vote for a right leaning candidate — buy ae would probably tampe with the vote…

    get the story out please — i feel like a fool…

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