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Americans Elect Corporation Falls Out of Standing in New Mexico

Two steps forward, one step back. While Americans Elect has gained political party status in Nevada and is gathering signatures for an as-yet unnamed presidential candidate in Nevada and Arizona, next door in New Mexico Americans Elect’s registration as a corporation has fallen out of good standing. In that state at least, Americans Elect appears to lack the recognition necessary to conduct its business.

One thought on “Americans Elect Corporation Falls Out of Standing in New Mexico”

  1. Jim Cook says:

    Update: Americans Elect has returned to good standing as a corporation in the State of New Mexico. It has done so by changing its corporate filing to 501c4 status and redefining itself from a “political organization” to a “social welfare organization.” 501c4 corporations have the advantage to executives of being able to hide the identity of donors from the public. But by becoming a “social welfare organization” under Section 501c4, Americans Elect cannot under IRS regulations have a political aim as its primary purpose. It does.

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