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682: A Great Number for an Asteroid, a Bad Number for Civil Liberties

682 Hagar is the name of a minor planet orbiting the sun in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, approximately 152 million miles away from Earth at the closest point in its orbit. If a person walked constantly at 3 miles an hour on a magic road stretching through outer space to 682 Hagar, it would take that person more than 5,700 years to get to 682 Hagar.

682 days is the length of time between Inauguration Day 2009 and today. During that length of time, President Barack Obama has failed to follow the requirements of federal law and appoint a Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, the purpose of which is to monitor the adherence or violation of civil liberties by the U.S. Government and report its findings to the Congress and the public twice a year. The Board doesn’t exist because President Obama refuses to appoint anyone to it. How long will we have to walk at our current pace in order to reach this minimal standard?

1 comment to 682: A Great Number for an Asteroid, a Bad Number for Civil Liberties

  • Tom

    Yeah, and like Bush, i don’t see anyone DOING anything about any of his shenanigans either. He’s a corporate puppet like the others (since at least Reagan) and the chummy club has its own rules (that are unwritten, ignored or simply not followed in the case of those in the now unused Constitution). That’s some example of democracy – it’s a bad joke.

    We’re now a banana republic any way you look at it – funny money (printed out of thin air), two sets of laws (one for the rich, which amounts to a slap on the wrist in most cases, and the harsher one – like mandatory 20 years in jail for smoking pot – for the rest of us who don’t count for anything apparently), a HUGE gap between the top 10% and all the rest of the working poor, and a completely corrupt government that is completely run by vested interests.

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